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Our company is an anime based clothing store. Right now we are an affiliate based company. So, when you click on “buy now” at our store, it will send you to the link of one of our partners. Currently we are partnered with Amazon. At the moment we are also developing our own clothing line, “Aristo”, however it will take a lot more time until that’s ready. So in the meantime we hope you can support us through purchasing from our Amazon link.   They say that nothing works better than shameless self promotion… So go on – Click, share and buy now! Only if you’d like to, that is.


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We’re not just trying to sell you products, we are also trying to form a great community. I really hope that you enjoy your stay at this website. Here is something I am especially proud of, these are some real comments from people who have visited this website and I’m not making that up, I was just as surprised as you are….

Excellent article on Anime .i have a friend of mine who is a big anime fan.My self I like the old school stuff like Dragon Ball Z with Goku and Sailor Moon .Keep up the amazing work you are doing
Great recommendations I cant wait to watch them. Especially Boku No Hero academia. SMASH!!!!
What a fun website! The comedy anime looks really good to me. Great info!


We also like anime and here are some anime recommendations from us, just in case you want some good suggestions. If you have some anime recommendations of your own feel free to write some comments on the comments section.

Buying shirts, made simple.

Look around the store and explore.  Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day.

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